Saturday, September 12, 2015

Nashville wedding

(Just looked at May pictures and realized there is a whole bunch more I missed blogging about -- doh!)

Back in May, I got to be the Matron of Honor at my best friend's wedding. This wasn't my friend's first marriage, but it was the first time she had a formal ceremony, so I was honored she asked me to participate.

The best part is that Joy and Natasha moved back to the States!!! Granted, they are way across the country in Tennessee, but much closer than Japan where they lived previously.

I flew out to Nashville for 5 days. Due to expense and not wanting Hank to miss school, it was just me. So -- it was kind of a super awesome free from kids weekend as well, lol.

Joy's husband is a Nashville native, so he knew all the good food places to take me to (since that's how I get to know a place now).

Loveless Cafe

Jack's Bar-B-Que

Biscuit Love -- bronuts and hot chicken sandwich

One touristy thing we did was go to the Belle Meade Plantation -- it was very pretty and interesting.

These stacked limestone walls are everywhere -- some old, some new. Very distinct to the area.
We also visited a local brewery. Oh -- and a grocery store. Things that stood out to me at the restaurants and at the grocery store that make Tennessee unique -- boiled peanuts, a vast array of pimento spread (you're lucky to find one small jar of it at stores here, but in Tennessee there are dozens of varieties and container sizes), pickles, and "hot chicken."

Then it was on to wedding stuff. One day we spent getting pampered -- love! We also made our bouquets. Neither of us had a clue as to what we were doing, but I think they turned out alright.

The rest of the time was pretty much wedding focused. They had the ceremony and reception in a cool brick building. They merged elements from Japan, where they met through their teaching assignments, Spain, where they realized they both wanted to travel when they met through a teacher training assignment, and their love of music. I loved the centerpieces most of all, and all the paper cranes.

Wore my blue suede shoes in honor of Elvis

Turntable wedding cake and pie

I realized I need to bug Joy for wedding pictures, lol.

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All this reminds me of a good vacation or day off. Much needed in my life. By the way, loveless cafe is one of the places in Nashville wedding that serves with love and purity.

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