Saturday, September 12, 2015

Last day of school

I never blogged about the end of school last year -- and the end of room mom duties.

Here is the class gift I put together for the teacher -- the popular summer fun bag.

Bag contents: flip flops, magazine, beach towel, water bottle, sunscreen, sunglasses, gummy sharks, and a Marshall's gift card.
 For the last day, the kindergarten teachers host a fun morning at the park, with games, awards, and a time for the families to eat together. I asked if parents wanted to contribute towards food we could share, and put together a little picnic. I had an early morning meeting to attend, so BT had to set everything up, lol.

There was a photo area


a keepsake gift for the teachers using the kids' fingerprints

and chalk favors for the kids.

Room mom over and out. Except -- the room mom from this year's class asked if I could help her out. I really need to learn how to say no...

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