Saturday, May 16, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week was earlier this month, as those of you with school-age kids know. I knew this would be a busy week when I took on room parent responsibilities, but I tried to take it all in stride. It was my job to organize the efforts for Hank's kindergarten class. Here is what we did (unfortunately these are all before shots, not how each day's activity looked once the whole class participated).

Monday, the kids were asked to bring in a flower to make a bouquet. On the instruction sheet, I included a tag the kids could cut out and sign.

On Tuesday, the kids brought in something blue to contribute to a bucket to celebrate the teacher's favorite color.

On Wednesday, the kids brought in packets of seeds to add to a gardening gift put together using Dollar Tree gardening supplies.

On Thursday, the kids brought in books to contribute to the class library. The instruction sheet had a book plate to cut out and put in the book.

Friday, we gave the teacher a gift card. I also put together a candy card from the kids' perspective thanking the teacher. They liked being referred to as Smarties.

On that day as well, we gave a thank you gift to the aide who helps in the class 3 days per week. She received a small bottle of apple cider, a caramel apple candy, and a gift card to a grocery store that had a picture of apples on it.

In addition to what I had planned, the PTA had activities as well. The room parents were asked to make banners to hang outside for the teachers.

There was also a lunch for the teachers.

A parent at the school had built a farmer's market stand for some other purpose, but wondered if the PTA could use it for the teacher lunch. The PTA president says she doesn't like to say no to anybody who offers to help. Not only did it work, it made for a totally fabulous backdrop to a farmer's market themed event! All of the elements other helpers ( including moi) fit together so nicely. The president and I had pinned the same party that gave a canvas bag for partygoers to take home their goodies. She found a vendor to donate the bags.

For Everett's school, the director comes up with the daily recommended way to celebrate the teachers each year. Monday was anything apple, so I did the apple themed gift described above. This was also the gift for Hank's after school teachers (no themes specified at that school).

Tuesday we were asked to bring in spa items, and gift baskets were assembled by the director. Wednesday was a parent hosted breakfast. I brought in juice with these labels.

Thursday the kids were asked to bring in flowers to make a bouquet. Fresh&Easy had these paper flowers this year. I added a small paper doily with Everett's name.

Finally, Friday was a parent hosted lunch at Everett's school. We brought in water bottles. Could I just bring water? No. I added etsy purchased labels that said Thank You. For some reason the labels were a little short, so I added a piece of ruler printed washi tape to cover the gap.

The hectic pace carried on a bit into the next week, as we did a more-elaborate-than-it-needed-to-be snack for Hank's baseball team (a post for another day), and it was his teacher's birthday. She said she liked Dr. Seuss, so I made a poster board with a quote from the Dr. Seuss book Happy Birthday to You, streamers, and a few party supplies

including bookmarks for the kids.

There are quite a few more PTA events scheduled for the remainder of the year, plus whatever we do for the end of the school year for Hank's class. Despite the extra work, I feel so lucky to get to know a group of people who like to go all out like me!


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sweet little sister said...

PTA/ director/ staff/ teachers/ the student body/ esp your own two kids ARE INCREDIBLY BLESSED BY YOUR TALENTS. You have such a big heart. I love seeing your handy work.