Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A dream come true!

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you had a lovely day enjoying time with those who grant you that title, but also some time to relax and enjoy some time to yourself :)

We did our annual trip to the local Renaissance Faire. It was our goal this year to go in costume. I did not do one single thing to prep for that experience in the past 365 days, so I asked BT to find an option for renting costumes. He not just found a place to rent the costumes, but, seriously, the most amazing place. Bianca is a local costume designer who works out of her home. Her whole house is basically a large closet filled with the most beautiful costumes, hats, accessories, jewelry, etc. It is overwhelming, especially when you find out she made a majority of the costumes. They are stunning!! She is one of the main designers who supplies costumes to royalty at our local Faire. Seriously – talking to Bianca and seeing all of her beautiful work took away any guilt regarding not being on the ball and making something for us to wear myself.

So – here we are

I was a peasant “wench.” I loved having the two different colored skirts, and bodice was just right for my level of modesty. It cinched me in nicely, and pushed “the girls” up, but my cups did not runneth over.

Bianca gave me accessories to wear on my belt – just like a Faire veteran. I had a fox tail, bells, and a leather coin purse.

The boys also wore peasant garb. Everett was absolutely adorable in his pantless chemise look. It was period appropriate to not have pants, as toddlers likely just ran around and squatted to go potty wherever they pleased. For some reason there weren’t a lot of toddlers in costume on the day we went, so he received an extra helping of attention. I wanted him to wear this hat I made way back when, but he wouldn’t have it. Hank’s rented costume was too big, and was made of heavier material. He rightly, though not politely, refused to wear it the day of. We compromised by having him wear the shirt that had been intended for me, the vest that came with his rented costume, and one of my belts.

BT went as a monk. Bianca and her husband said that he would get heckled all day, with folks asking him where the kids came from. He was planning to just put a finger to his lips to indicate he had taken a vow of silence. Oddly enough, less people talked to us in character while we were wearing costumes compared to the years we have gone without. Perhaps they were expecting us to talk to them in character, lol. 

We did a few activities this year. Hank learned how to make chainmail. He just made a bracelet, but got to try on a finished vest.

Everett and I hung out in the petting zoo.

The whole experience was great, and will be working to piece together our costumes for next year. We will definitely go peasant – anything else out in the dirty, hot area where the Faire is located is foolish. Unless, of course, you are showcasing one of Bianca’s lovely creations.

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sara0611 said...

I love the costumes! We went to the Ren Fair here in MI last fall and loved it, we will definitely be back. Maybe we'll follow your lead and do costumes. :) xo