Sunday, April 19, 2015

Remember that time we accidentally did a 5K?

One thing on my bucket list is to run a 5K. No goal to participate in a marathon, or even a 1/2 marathon, but I want to do a 5K.

I have been trying to get Hank excited about running.  There was an event at the Long Beach airport to run one of the newly opened runways. It was a fun 1 mile event with t-shirts, water bottles, and after race treats.

Since the airport run was a success, I signed us up for another 1 mile event at the Angels (baseball) stadium. There were two runs - the one mile fun run and a 5K event. The fun run started at 8:30. We arrived at the stadium around 8:10, and by the time we walked over and waited for the race to start, it seemed it was 8:30 when folks took off. Well, we started running, and then walked. I could see a clover shaped stream of people ahead of us following the course and thought uh-oh - this isn't right. I realized we were on the 5K course. Hank realized the same at the one mile mark. I tried to keep us motivated, but Hank wasn't convinced. Despite several selfie stops along the route with cut-outs of players and a glimpse of us on the Jumbotron when the route took us through the stadium itself, his mood did not improve. I practically dragged him across the finish line to get our medals and take the pic above. For the rest of the morning I heard how much he hated the run, his medal, and that he was NOT proud of what we had done. If you ask him about it now, he's a little more pleased about the  whole thing, though he says he'll never run again. But hopefully he will, and one day we will fondly remember the time we accidentally did a 5K.

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