Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Well, that was an unexpected break! Life got busier than usual back in February when Hank started playing Little League. We have two games and a practice every week (2 weeknights and Saturdays), in addition to the swimming class he has been taking Monday nights for 6 months or so now, and various other activities that pop up nearly weekly for school. Oh - and dad is an assistant coach for the baseball team, and mom is back up for team mom and helps during games managing the team in the dugout. With the crazy baseball schedule, big projects for mom and dad at work, a never ending yard project, and helping out at Hank's school, free time is a premium around these parts! We are so looking forward to spring break next week -- no baseball (hallelujah!),  mom and dad are both relatively caught up with work, and Hank will be spending a few days with Nana and Grandpa. We could all use a break!

Hopefully I can catch up posting some of the activities we have done in the last couple of months. Since it is April Fool's Day, though, I thought I would post a few pictures of our early morning pranks. First, mama put out frozen cereal and milk. This trick did not go over well with Everett, who really wanted the cereal (we are not big cereal eaters -- this was leftover Lucky Charms from St. Patrick's Day, and there wasn't any more!)

I didn't get a picture of Hank's prank, but it was actually pretty clever. This from a kid who is typically pretty literal, and lacking what most would refer to as street smarts. Without consulting either of us, and thinking quickly about something that would impact dada's morning, he took all of the washcloths out of the bathroom, including those in the shower. Dada called out to Hank to get him a washcloth, and Hank at first played like he didn't know where they normally went, and then, after he opened the drawer, acted surprised they weren't in there. It was a prank on me as well, as my first thought was wondering if I was really that behind on the laundry. I don't know -- may not sound like a big deal to most folks, but I was really proud of how quickly he put his plan together, and that it was something subtle, but did have an impact on our morning.

Finally, mama woke up early and moved dada's truck. Since we had already had a few pranks this morning, BT caught on pretty quickly, and ended up just being frustrated that he had to walk up to the end of the block to get it. Oh -- and this picture shows you where we are at with the yard. The bare part in the main yard is intended to be this way - it is decomposed gravel. But, it itself is not finished, as it needs to have a stabilizer applied, and about 25 other steps that need to be done (or re-done) before we can put in a few low water plants. This project definitely makes me think we were not intended to be homeowners.

Well, if by chance I don't get back on the blogwagon, a post on April Fool's Day will be most appropriate :)

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