Thursday, April 02, 2015

Easter prep

Well, my lack of blogging the past couple of months shows -- I have not been taking pictures of all the "blog-worthy" things I normally would want to show you here. Case in point -- no pictures of the dozens of eggs I sent off this week to the boys' three schools. I tried to make them a little special -- the eggs for Hank's kindergarten class had a stretchy bunny inside, and were held closed by rainbow washi tape with his name on them. The ones for his after school class were sports themed (baseball, football, etc.), and came pre-filled with jelly beans. The ones for Everett's school were shaped like chickies - super cute. You'll just have to use your imagination. In addition to those 7 dozen eggs, I filled 4 dozen more for church, 2 dozen for Hank's baseball team, and 3 dozen for the family egg hunt this weekend. I'm about done with stuffing eggs.

We made it down to a local Easter event at Irvine Regional Park that has become a tradition for us. The boys were dressed in their "Easter Casual" outfits -- a phrase my sister-in-law and I have coined for the outfits we buy our boys when we want them to have holiday themed clothes, but not be too fancy. Hank's tie has paper airplanes on it - love!

Waiting for the Easter bunny, Hank let me know, politely, that he thought he was a little too old for things like this. I asked, politely, if he would take one more picture with the Easter bunny, since we had taken the time to get dressed up and drive down for the event. This was said stoically, though my heart was sobbing. Everett was not on board with the man-sized bunny, which is, imho, the appropriate response that kids should have, so I unexpectedly was added to the picture.

The rest of the event is a bit pricey, as each activity (cookie decorating, games, train rides, and even the bounce house) costs $5 each. That had better be one yummy cookie. Maybe it won't be so bad to give up this tradition :)

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