Monday, January 12, 2015

Finishing up Christmas

Promise you won't hear anything more from on on the subject until the appropriate time later this year.

I missed 7 work days during December due to my own illness, being home with the kids, and a couple of scheduled days off. I needed about that amount of time to catch up with work assignments that should have been done by the end of the year, and likewise for my Christmas crafts.

I had one more stocking to finish up -- for Miss Harper, little sister to Riley. An angel playing a harp was an obvious choice.

Finally, my craft for my women friends -- white and gold embellished trivets. I bought the plain cork trivets at Daiso (see -- quirky phrase on the back)

and used skinny "artist's tape" to mark the lines.

The gold paint pen Sharpie claimed it could write on anything, but didn't do great on the raw cork. For some I colored in the line left by the tape and then just outside the line for a two-tone effect.

Others I colored on top of the white spray painted part, which worked a little better. Love these gold feather tags from the Target dollar section!

My other big project is a major overhaul of our house in terms of purging unnecessary items and organizing what's left. I started in the kitchen, and am going to work my way through the whole house this year. I break down everything into small bite-sized pieces, so thus far I have not gotten overwhelmed (like I would if I felt I had to finish cleaning/organizing the whole kitchen in a weekend, or a similar unrealistic goal). I am having a lot of fun finding new storage solutions, and getting rid of things that haven't been used in some time. I hope I can keep up the momentum!

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sweet little sister said...

Those turned out pretty (white and gold) and I totally get the bite sized chunks. Feels SO good to purge the clutter and organize the home :) xo Jen, hoping to see you soon