Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Elf hijinks and Christmas wrap up (minus two things)

Eyeball made it back to our house this year.

Being sick most of the month, I sooo wasn't in the mood to deal with the dang elf this year. But -- we made it through the month with only one day he forgot to do something funny (he has a little nook to sit in after he is discovered each day, so it's easy to say he is tired if he doesn't move into a new situation).

When Eyeball first arrived, he brought socks featuring his likeness. Other situations the boys found him in included

spelling their names using M&Ms

emerging from a ribbon chrysalis he made one day to become a beautiful butterfly the next

packing Hank a sugar laden lunch

and taking a shower.

Eyeball's month was not without mishap. He, too, found himself sick

broke his foot and received a green cast, just like poor Everett

was antagonized by Nana's Hallmark snowmen

and somehow found himself in this predicament.

See you next year, Eyeball!

Finishing up with Christmas stuff that was completed on time, here are the cookies we made (recipe here) for neighbors, BT's work, and a cookie exchange.

They were good, but a little pricey with the chocolate covered pretzel (store bought) antlers.

One more gift we gave to a few people -- a paper bag containing gifts I have been led to believe through books like Little House on the Prairie that folks would have given for Christmas in the 1800s -- popping corn (on the cob!), candy, cider, and an orange. The popcorn was something we tried to grow this year in the most pathetic garden of all time. Note to all black thumbs out there -- do NOT use "garden soil" in your container garden. Apparently garden soil is meant to be mixed in with existing soil, and on its own is like acid to plants. These cobs were purchased at a local diner.

Speaking of Little House on the Prairie, I was so tickled to see this setup during a December trip to Knott's Berry Farm

I knew exactly what he was doing, even from a distance -- making maple syrup candy in the "snow!" He was in the process of heating up more syrup when I stopped by, and it was going to be awhile until he was ready. I forgot to go back, so I missed out on trying some. Next year. Hey -- maybe somebody will try the trick with our popcorn when you add it to a cup of milk!

I had two stockings to make this year. Unfortunately only one was done before the end of the year in time for our family Christmas party. The other one will hopefully be done this month (or at least in time for next Christmas).

This is for baby Dylan -- mama requested something incorporating his middle name, Rider, and said he likes to growl

Finally for now, our 2014 keepsake ornament -- a germ. We had so much sickness this year -- can only hope for a healthier 2015!

Inspiration for design found here.
(I still have the one stocking to make, and my "mass gift" for my close women friends. Fingers crossed I can still muster some crafting mojo this month!)

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