Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Speaking of school - and Christmas

Every year I say I'm not doing a theme tree, and then a little voice whispers -- just one more.

This was another idea from way back, and was anticipated to use when Hank started kindergarten. I didn't fully execute a full on school themed tree, though I could think of all sorts of homemade ornaments using school supplies that would have been so lovely {sigh}

But, I added a chalkboard bunting to the tree, a folding ruler star as a topper

and school themed wrapping paper, such as two printed with apples, one that looks like a black chalkboard with white printed sayings, a lined paper with cursive holiday sentiments, and added ruler printed washi tape to black and green gift bags. Of course there is a smattering of school-made ornaments on the tree, but they'll be sticking around for next year's not a theme tree.

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