Saturday, December 27, 2014

Homemade for the boys

I was hoping to get a better shot of my only homemade present for the boys this year -- a doorway puppet theater.

This was how I left the puppet theater for them to find Christmas morning. They were happy with it, but yeah -- more so for the climbing through a doorway with a curtain over it versus to use for actual puppet shows. Only one of those took place on Christmas day.

Today -- the eldest son head butted the lower tension rod. On purpose. Why? I couldn't tell you. So, it is bent and non-operable. If you look for doorway puppet theaters, 1) be prepared to go down the rabbit hole -- there are some amazing ones out there! and 2) it seems people shy away from the use of tension rods. Do they have children who act like goats, too?

I was off duty this year in the homemade hat department. During our trip to Iowa, my great aunt (so the boys' great great aunt) gave them homemade hats. They loved them, and wear them quite often. Why bother making competing hats?

And for today's homemade ornament -- I really didn't see any must make ideas until this popped up. I made a California ornament to celebrate the birth place of all 4 of us. The leather was salvaged from an old business card holder, as mama received this lovely new one for Christmas. I have our annual keepsake ornament idea in mind, but otherwise may not be too many more this week between Christmas and New Year's -- we'll see.

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