Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gifts to date

I have been so super sick this month -- bronchitis. I used to get bronchitis once a year in college, but hadn't suffered this kind of misery in some time. Of course this was the worst month ever to be down and out. I modified my list of to dos as best I could, but certainly couldn't do my usual December late night crafting marathon. I still am not 100% -- maybe 70%? Hoping I can still pull through on a few more things before the big day, though likely will be late on some things.

Here are some of the gifts I have assembled to date -- homemade to come (I hope!)

For my friend's daughter, Natasha -- an art can. The clear paint can was purchased at the Target dollar section around Halloween. Most of the contents were also purchased at Target.

For the co-workers, I assembled "urban mess kits." Since we work in the field of waste reduction, we try to practice what we preach and not bring disposables to our off site events. Some of us have a hard time remembering to bring our "mess kits," so I put one together for each staff person. The colors were so fun! There is a bento type box that can be used during eating and also storing extra food. I also included a Light My Fire spork -- love these so much!

For BT's siblings, a movie package. I purchased the DVD last year on clearance at Walgreen's for $6. Everything else was purchased at Dollar Tree, so all told this was a great gift for about $12. I was so happy to find all the holiday themed candy at Dollar Tree. I mounted the items on skewers to make it look nicer than just a bunch from the dollar store thrown in a box.

For the Bluebird girls, a notepad from the Target TOMS collaboration, some rustic pencils, and a flannel pouch from Daiso.

For the teachers this year, we went the gift card route. Especially for Everett's teachers, we felt we owed them more than a tchotchke as they have had their hands full with the cast (it's been raining a lot here -- try keeping a toddler out of the mud). I put these together, though, for the aides at his school. They use the EOS lip balm, which I bought on clearance throughout the year. So cute!

Well, tomorrow is cookie making day -- fingers crossed!

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