Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy 2nd birthday, Little Stinker

As mentioned in relation to Everett's Halloween costume, the theme for his 2nd birthday party this year was skunk, aka Little Stinker.

This party was my main inspiration. We were fortunate to be in Iowa with family a few days before his birthday, so I asked my aunt if we could have a little dessert party for Everett one night.

It was a school night, but a few of my cousins and their kids made it. I had packed a separate suitcase with all the party items -- hands down the easiest party I've ever done. Both banners are from Target. The lower one was embellished with chipboard letters also from Target. I had even brought the balloons, and just had them filled when we picked up the food. Yellow is the birthday boy's favorite color, so it was used as the accent color for the party supplies.

The food was super fun. My mom made the Oreo "cake." And yes - the cake plate was packed in the suitcase, and made it both ways. We also had Hostess cupcakes. I wanted to unwrap them, but wasn't sure how many would be eaten, so left them in the wrappers. A chocolate creme pie was presented on a cut wood piece borrowed from a friend.

Lemonade was served, and little striped bags were provided to take home the cookies. I re-purposed the party supplies to have a little party for Everett at school, including using the striped bags for Oreos. I made a little sticker to put on the bags.

Unfortunately Everett received a not so nice birthday present from big brother the following morning -- the boys were running through the hotel we were staying at, and Hank tackled Everett from behind, and broke his foot. Toddlers have so few actual bones in their feet, but the fracture showed up clearly on one of them during our visit to the ER.

The hospital recommended he get it casted at home, so he wore a splint the rest of the trip. He ended up getting the cast put on on his actual birthday, poor guy.

We still typically do a little party at home on the kids' actual birthday. I decorated the table in red and blue and put out Everett's Thomas trains. He is adapting fine to his cast. He can take a few steps holding our hand. It's like raising a baby all over again, the excitement we express when he accomplishes a new feat, lol. Big brother hopefully finally learned his lesson that little bro is not a toy.

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sweet little sister said...

Happy Birthday to Everett!!! I love his happy face in the last photo :) the little stinker party turned out adorable. Huge bummer on the broken foot. Yikes