Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hank is 6

Hank turned 6 today. He and I had the day off, and he said all he wanted to do was stay home and play. Unfortunately we had some errands to run in relation to a home improvement project, but he was a trooper and managed to have an "ok" birthday (his assessment).

Yesterday we brought cupcakes for his after school program friends. We will have a different video game theme for his birthday party at home this weekend. On a whim I grabbed some Super Mario themed napkins at the party store to use for the school party. I ordered red cupcakes from a grocery store bakery, and then added white candy melts to look like one of the mushrooms from the game.

I wasn't really in the mood to make favors for the class, but then I saw gold coins at the dollar store, and thought they would go nicely with the theme. I covered a small square box with printouts of brick and a question mark -- the scale of the printouts was exactly the same size needed to cover the box, and 3 bags of the chocolate coins fit in the box perfectly. I never have crafting serendipity anymore, so it was much appreciated in relation to all the other stuff currently going on.

You never need to ask Hank how he is feeling, as he is constantly expressing his emotions. That includes manic swings from down in the dumps to full of energy running through the house. I have become an amateur psychologist working through things with him. I see little glimmers of hope, but raising Hank is so very different from what I thought it would be like to raise a now 6-year-old boy. His teacher describes him as an old soul. Think of a crotchety old man sitting on a porch complaining about the sun, moon, stars and everything in between, and you have Hank. Anyway, Hank did not want cake, ice cream, or really anything to celebrate his birthday. I told him we needed something so we could sing to him. He said hot chocolate. So we had hot chocolate. Tomorrow he will likely hate hot chocolate, but it was nice to see him smile while we sang to him.

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Jenn said...

Happy Birthday, Hank!

I love that he wanted hot chocolate and the mushroom cupcakes are genius!

I can't believe he is six already! Boy does time fly!