Monday, October 27, 2014

Trunk or Treat basket

As mentioned, I have been assisting with some of the room parent activities for Hank's kindergarten class. One of the events I helped prepare for was the school's Trunk or Treat event. I will have an update this week on our family's entry for the car portion of the event.

As room parent, I was also responsible for preparing a basket for a silent auction. Most rooms had a theme for a basket. If everybody brought in just one item for the basket, you can imagine they get big fast for a class of 30 students! Hank's classroom basket theme was Disney Mania. I am not sure what to attribute our large basket size to -- the theme was very appropriate for a classroom full of 5-year-olds. The Disney theme is pretty easy to do, with so many items available at the dollar store, and people may have already had items at home in their gift bins. Or maybe it was just the great comunication letting folks know about how to participate with the basket activity, lol.

There were 8 of these boxed puzzles. I bought a metal lunch box to present them in. That plus a few items from the - you guessed it - dollar store was my contribution to the basket.
In any case, the basket was H-U-G-E! The basket itself I had obtained the month prior from another silent auction. I covered the bottom in red felt and added two large white buttons. The items kept coming and coming. There were multiple types of items, such as the 8 boxed puzzles shown here, but surprisingly only one repeat in terms of being the exact same item with the same character. I had a hard time assembling the basket due to its size, and used so.much.cello.wrap. All told there were 80 items included for a total estimated value of $200.

I put stuff in as I got it, so did not lay everything out to get a picture. Should have got one before wrapping, though.
After getting all the cello wrap on, I added two posterboard ears. I think this took the basket wow factor over the top. It sold for $100, which is not reflective of its total value, but is $100 more towards PTA activities.

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