Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hope you had a bewitching day!

The boys woke up to treats from the Great Pumpkin

I love this cotton candy filled witch hat!

Close-up of Everett's treats. I saw a printable version of the bat online this year, but these were at the dollar store -- easy peasy!

The kids' drawings were the inspiration for their pumpkins. And no, Everett is not a budding Picasso -- I held his hand to make his drawing :)

Everett had two costumes this year. At school and various Halloween events, he went as a skunk, aka Little Stinker. This is also the theme for his upcoming birthday party. Everett as a skunk is appropriate in two ways -- one, this kid stinks! I know all little boys do, but Everett's feet seem way stinkier than average, and his diapers are positively toxic. Also -- he is such a little, well, stinker! He is constantly asking for food -- he will bring something he wants to us, and say something sweet like, Everett, please. If we say no, he immediately hucks the item in our face -- no hesitation. Everett is the one that initiates wrestling matches with Hank, and doesn't hold back hitting with his head full force, biting, or flopping his whole body weight down on him. If Hank does anything back, Everett is right there with the owws and moans, like he is the victim. Of course Hank was getting the blame until I observed these wrestling matches more closely. After these types of exchanges, Everett gets a little tiny smile, so small you may miss it, so you know he knows exactly what he did. My kids are the Yin and Yang of emotional control -- Hank is completely transparent, and you always know exactly what he is feeling. Everett, I think, will have more control over his emotions, and potentially assert control over the emotions of others. Good thing for now he is so stinkin' cute!

Flash from the past -- Hank at the same age as a little devil. Yep - I think their 2-year-old costumes pretty much define my kids' personalities, lol.

For Halloween night, and for the school's Trunk or Treat event, which I will share tomorrow, Hank and Everett were Zim and Gir from the cartoon Invader Zim. BT and I were dating at the time this cartoon came out, and I remember watching it with him and some of his cousins. It is a classic now at this point (haha), but of course can be found online. We were surprised at how few people recognized us at the Trunk or Treat event, and tonight only one person did, but those who were familiar with the show have been very complimentary of our efforts.

Now onward to the busiest time of the year!

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Jenn said...

Super cute! Great job as always! I can't believe how big your boys have gotten! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the upcoming holidays :) You're always an inspiration!