Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Goodies part 1

We are in deep with Halloween prep this week. Longing for last year's minimally homemade costumes and Trunk or Treat display that was set up for the most part at the school (versus needing a lot of prep ahead of time).

We all have homemade elements to our costumes this year, and BT is going all out making the display for this year's Trunk or Treat event this coming Friday. I have some additional activities this week to do in relation to this event, so we'll be having some late nights at our house this week.

When I get overwhelmed thinking about how to make certain elements of our costumes, I like to work on something easy to get me in the right mindset to tackle a new craft project. I had fun assembling these goodie bags for Everett's school during one of these breaks. The bags are from Daiso. The foam pumpkins and stickers were from 99 Cents Only store. The remaining toys were probably from Hank's 1st birthday party -- just unearthed when I helped my mom put up her Halloween decorations.

I finished the bags, and had a breakthrough on a costume piece I was working on. Coincidence? I think not.

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