Friday, September 19, 2014

The Boys' Room - Take 4

As mentioned, there are several rooms of our house that have not received even a paint job. Then, there are others, such as the boy's room, that has received a makeover 4 times.

First as Hank's nursery

Then his big boy room

A few changes to accommodate Everett

And now a shared room for them.

As noted, I bought the bunkbeds through I was happy to find a modern style without a modern pricetag. The other good thing -- storage!! Love the shelves in the back to accommodate board books for Everett, and all of Hank's bits and bobs.

The inspiration for the room was this large octopus picture purchased from HomeGoods. I then loosely went with a nautical theme but, since this isn't a Pottery Barn Kids catalog, allowed for all of the stuff we already had that was not nautical themed to stay. And be ok with that. Also shown in this pic -- large puzzles will hopefully get more use if they are out on display versus crammed in the closet. The boys' photo albums are also more accessible. Everett's wooden boat from his 1st birthday party was mounted on a dowel. Hank is a super prolific artist -- luckily dada brought him thousands of outdated one-sided forms from work, and this box holds that paper.

Our Ikea spice rack bookshelves were re-mounted. Below this is an open canvas bin with Duplos.

The biggest boy in the house got his wish to have a Lego building center! The base plates are not mounted to the desk, but intended to hold Lego creations.

This desk used to house miscellaneous toys, but is now stuffed with a box holding bulk smaller Legos, one holding sets in bags, and various carrying cases with projects in process.

On the wall are two Lego "pictures" made using this website. You design whatever you want, or if you nab a design, it tells you which pieces you need to order. Pretty cool.

Below these pictures is a bin for holding blankets (Target) and canvas bins for holding comics and magazines (Walmart).

Up top -- An enclosed fan. Have you seen these? Luckily I had a conversation with a friend about our dilemma in needing to take down the ceiling fan that was in here, since it basically would have been at scalp level when Hank was climbing into bed. The friend mentioned seeing these enclosed fans at Lowes. I had never seen them or heard of them, but was so glad we had that conversation! The fan is almost the same output as the original, low profile, and safe from danger-seeking boys.

Hank styled his own shelves. Don't you love the pillow??

Here is Everett's space (and pillow).

Remember Everett's picture? I added a set of better powered LED lights to some of the stars, so now it functions as a nightlight.

Under the bed -- tons of storage! The two bins on the right are rolling underbed boxes. The two on the left are shorter crates (they were under the crib). Behind them are milk crates with diapers and wipes.

On the wall next to the bed, a Modern Moose clock, our puppet collection, and stuffed animals. I had a hard time finding a way to mount the puppets, but ended up just using long coat hooks from Target's dorm collection.

Final wall

Aren't the hooks cute? They were a random Walmart find.

Hope this set up stays in place a little longer than the previous versions!

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sweet little sister said...

Functional creative individual but cooperatively paired. Love how this looks and I'm positive that they love living in it. Aw brothers