Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back to School Get Together

We hosted a little getting to know you party at Chuck E. Cheese for Hank's kindergarten class.

It was fun to decorate the tables with apples and back to school items.

Hank's teacher is subbing for the permanent teacher, who is out on maternity leave. She is very nice and enthusiastic, and Hank likes her a lot. As a sub, she is getting up to speed with all of the extra activities at the school. She let me know that most of the families in the class are new to the school, and that nobody had approached her (except me) to find out about room parent duties.

So -- what does that mean? I don't think I can do all that is required of the room parents at our school, but I can help get info out about extra activities, plan a class holiday party, and put together something nice for Teacher Appreciation Week. And -- I can help the new parents feel more comfortable at the school. We were fortunate last year to have a good percentage of families who are involved with PTA activities in our class, including the PTA president. The PTA folks I have interacted with are all super friendly and down to earth, and always appreciative for anything we participate in -- Trunk or Treat, bake sales, Jog-a-Thon, etc.

11 families showed up, about a third of the class, which was great. It was cool, as even the young, shy moms came up to ask -- how do I get involved at the school? Especially nowadays, it seems we all want to be part of our kids' schooling. People want to feel part of a community, as evidenced by the parents waiting at the gates after school, versus sitting in the car to wait for their kid. There were a good number of families at the get together that use the same after school program as us. We are not often there at the gate, but want to get to know each other, and be a part of things as much as we can. So, yeah -- still not sure the extent of my involvement with the class this year, but now know 11 more families to connect with :)

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sweet little sister said...

That was kind of you! Happy to hear that your efforts are so well received. Good optimistic attitude too. Here's to a great school year :) love kayla