Saturday, September 20, 2014

Baby gift 3/7

The 3rd baby gift in my series of 7 is for a dear blog friend.

Shanna, the author behind the blog Pink Trees, and I are still buddies on Facebook even though she is no longer blogging. Shanna sent me sooo many good things over the years -- a search of her name on my blog reminded me of treasured items in my craft room that I see every day, including this sweet little quilt and sewing supply bag. Another memorable gift was this one sent for baby Hank.

I was thrilled to see Shanna's pregnancy announcement on Facebook, and immediately thought that I would have the chance to repay the kindness she extended to me when Hank was born.

I had bought this circus themed panel through Spoonflower some time ago. I think I saw the soft book promoted on a blog, but expanding to the entire yard revealed way more circus goodness to cut and sew! I hadn't bought the panel for anybody in particular, but knew it would be a gift. Over the years, I stashed away other circus-y items, including a cute retro lion onesie from Crazy 8, some stroller toys, and a pair of striped Babylegs. At some point, I had even cut out the pieces, which helped get me going on this project, but admittedly the package took several months to complete. I do not sew as quickly or as well as I used to...

I made all of the elements that came with the panel, including the book, two bibs, a strong man, a lion pillow (I added a wipes package to make it crinkle), and I used the circle elements to make a cute mobile. I really liked how this piece came out!

One thing I was a little disappointed with was the strong man. It was so hard to squeeze his long arms and legs into the body cavity to sew him closed. When I turned him right side out -- it was a hot mess. I almost threw him away, but he was such a key element, I had to salvage him. Unfortunately this meant sewing him together with a visible blanket stitch. Ah well.

One final element to the gift was to take a package of socks and ball up each one individually to look like popcorn, and put them in a dollar store popcorn container. Oh -- and I put together a little gift for big brother Jerrett, and threw in a couple of hooded towels that Everett had {sniff} outgrown.

As I was wrapping the gift, I noticed the elephant toy was named Eli-- the same as Shanna's little boy! Guess this gift was meant to go to him :)


Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

I remember Shanna and didn't know she was pregnant! I know her other son is much older so it will be just like starting all over for her, won't it? This gift is just darling. That strong man! Well worth the troubles. And the socks in the popcorn box are genius!

sweet little sister said...

Toooo cute! I think strong man makes it too. Good thing he survived :)