Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baby gift 2/7

This gift is for a cousin who had a baby girl about a month ago.

The gift is mainly comprised of items from the gift bin. The scrapbooks were from another cousin (other side of the family). Melissa, the recipient of this gift, is way better at photo documenting her kids, and likely will get more use of them. The jammies were my first purchase from Plum Deals. The blurb from the email announcing the deal made them sound like they were super cute, like a union suit, and high quality. In reality they are paper thin, and, with the cheap tag, on par with something one could find at the dollar store. I added the flower iron in to add a little something. The block we received a duplicate of when Hank was a wee one. The book was the only current purchase -- Everett's favorite!

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