Wednesday, September 03, 2014

1st day kindergarten

So many emotions, questions, and concerns today as Hank started Kindergarten, but not going to muck your brain space up with all of my brain muck.

Here is his blurry back to school pic

and here is a little 1st day gift for the teacher -- an eye mask and lotion in a cute mini bucket from Target.

The mask says "serenity," and on the back of the tag I wrote -- Hope you find your moments of serenity this year."

I also made some back to school cupcakes

Wishing and hoping for a good year despite my initial reservations!


jennifer said...

all will be well. really. it's funny because maya started kinder on tuesday and being the "older" mom... you know with a child in kinder and one in 7th. at drop off i was feeling like i should have been more concerned. it gets easier. and hank is such a sweet boy. he will do well. -jennifer

April, Jennifer, Carol said...

No worries. He'll do great