Sunday, July 20, 2014

Everett's first trip to The Bowl

We were excited to take Everett to the Hollywood Bowl for the first time

The show was similar to the Hank's first show. Instead of Pixar movies, however, the show we saw this year was based on animated movies from DreamWorks. We admittedly had not seen all of the movies featured in the show, but there were a few favorites such as Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, and Madagascar.

The show was very well put together. Jack Black was the host, and kept everybody laughing. There were many executives from DreamWorks there -- in fact I think the only one missing was Steven Spielberg, lol.

For our pre-show picnic, I put together a meat and cheese platter

and used some clearance items from Target

to put together picnic baskets containing wraps for the grown ups

and Kung Fu Panda shaped sandwiches for the kids.

It was a great show. The majority of people at The Bowl are nice and down to earth. But -- there are definitely a few that like to flaunt their Bowl worthiness -- making a point to state that they are season ticket holders, that they have been coming to The Bowl for decades, etc. One of these types was sitting behind us. She made an assessment of every kid around her, including ours. Overall she didn't like the extra noise, and thought it was too late for kids. If this is how late all of the parents attending last night's event normally kept their kids out, there would be a problem -- but most kids can handle one late night. The lady thought Everett was passed out (What's the point of bringing a baby, she said, or something along those lines), but he was actually laying still as could be while the music was playing, eyes wide open, taking it all in. At one point both boys were laying across me with their heads on top of each other -- wish I could have gotten a picture of that.

I am the first one to call my kids out as monsters if they are acting up in public. The Bowl is magical, though. It shows how deeply we all are affected by music. Despite showing scenes from popular movies, there is hardly any noise at all when the orchestra is playing. If the music was softer to allow the movie dialog to be heard, or if somebody on stage was talking, then you heard kids making a little noise. As soon as the music took center stage -- it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. I enjoyed whispering to Hank about the instruments and making sure he understood how the different people introduced assist with making movies. Yep - everything was great until on our walk down the big hill, Everett projectile vomited all over me, Hank, and a couple of young women. He did it again on the bus ride home (which I was prepared for -- as much as one can be to deflect barf). Even that experience and our cranky seat mate could not hamper how much fun I had cultivating a love of music in my two boys out under the glow of a few stars and the famous Hollywood sign.


jennifer said...

way to go keeping a good attitude even with bad attitudes behind you, and barf on you.

i can just picture the boys with their heads on your lap soaking it all in. fun times!

sweet little sister said...

Beautiful post, how fun! I about died at the panda sandwiches though. Oh. My. Gosh. Good safe marker? Unbelievably cute. Sorry for the snobby lady. Glad you didn't let it spoil your night. And the barf? You are a deeply trenched Mom. Congratulations, you are alive to tell the tale <3