Friday, July 11, 2014

Dungeons & Duplos party

We celebrated dada's last year of his 30s yesterday. I asked the kid what kind of theme we should have for a little family party for BT, and Hank quickly replied with Dungeons and Duplos

BT and Hank started setting up a Dungeons and Dragon type game on our dining room table using Duplos starting a couple of years ago, and called their game Dungeons and Duplos. They were beyond ecstatic (well, I think one of them fueled the excitement) when they found out that LEGO had games along the same line -- Heroica.

We went through a Walmart store hop last year hunting down sets that were on clearance. So this

is just a small selection of the Heroica worlds they have amassed. BT has everything neatly organized in divided storage containers, but each game takes forever to set up.

The rest of the mini party came together relatively easily. Most of the disposables were from our Peter Pan Valentine's Day celebration and I still had a few napkins from Hank's Ninjago party.

In fact my only purchases for this little soiree included a couple of foam swords,

a crown for dada

and a box of purple jewels (to supplement treasures we already had) all from the 99 Cents Only store. These elements fit in line with the treasure quest nature of the Heroica game.

I put colored water in a few glass containers representative of the potions used during the game.

BT requested nachos (big surprise)

and we had yummy cupcakes from Sweet & Saucy

Hank just couldn't understand why his dada didn't want to invite his friends over for this fun party.

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April, Jennifer, Carol said...

Hahaha! I can just imagine them over for that party. Makes me smile.