Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week

Three schools, 10 teachers to show our appreciation for...

For Hank's T-K class, the room moms sent home a list of activities to do for the primary teacher, and suggested we do the same activities for her teaching partner and a college student who has been helping out the class while working on a project. Here were the week's activities:

Monday: Bring a flower to make a bouquet from the class
Tuesday: A bookplate was sent home to put in a gently used book to donate to the room
Wednesday: Bring seeds for the teacher's garden
Thursday: Bring a recipe (for the teacher, print it on an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet)
Friday: Have the child write a letter and draw a picture of the teacher, plus the parents could write a letter. Money was accepted for gifts for the teacher and co-teacher

The packet with instructions, the book plate, and two sheets of paper for the letters was sent home last Wednesday, and I busted my hump to send everything back the next day so I didn't have to think about anything but the flowers this week. I also had another gift idea in mind -- inspired by this cute clipboard from the dollar store. I included a picture of the kids, and added stickers to indicate the school year.

Everett's school also had daily activities. Luckily 3 out of the 5 days had you bring themed items ahead of time, and the school's director was going to put together gift baskets. I didn't take a picture of those items, but they included facial wipes for spa baskets, popcorn, snacks and candy for movie theme baskets, and apple body wash for apple themed baskets. Today was a parent hosted breakfast and lunch, and I signed up to bring cereal and milk. I remembered seeing cute mini boxes of cereal with cute statements including the word "cereal-ously" and cute spoons tied on via Pinterest. Fortunately I stopped that train to crazy town after one stop by just adding chalkboard contact paper hearts with witty sayings to two large boxes.

I also put together the seed packets for Everett's teachers (5 - printable here).

There were paper flowers to fill out acknowledging the teachers. Today they also celebrated Cinco de Mayo, and had a little party, so we had to bring a food item. Annnd -- Everett needed both diapers AND wipes replenished at school today, so I have felt like a bag lady as of late hauling crap into that school, lol.

Hank's after school center did not specify anything to bring (hallelujah, thank you Jesus) -- just that we were celebrating the teachers this week. They had Post-it notes out to write notes to the teachers. I made personalized tumblers for his two teachers at this school (printable here). Using the glitter glue around the edges of the stickers was a trick I learned from a co-worker, and hopefully sealed them on enough to get through hand-washing at least.

Luckily we have awesome teachers, so they are worth all these little trinkets and notes -- plus so much more!

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