Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hope you had a nice Easter! We did our little desert camping trip. It ended up being really fun! It was nice to go back with my parents to a place I had pretty much sworn off ever visiting again -- the Anza Borrego Desert -- due to the excessive visits to this area (in excessive heat -- no time of the year was off limits according to my dad) in my youth.

One thing that made the trip more enjoyable was this cute cabin. It was just the perfect size, and made us want to go buy 10 acres some place to plop one down on. The only downside with this one is that it really needed a window on the back side to allow for some air flow.

But, on the upside (literally), we got to sleep Little House on the Prairie style!

I bought a few Easter themed toys and activities at the dollar store before the trip. One forgets how much kids like just playing with rocks and sticks in the desert, which is what kids are supposed to do.

I had fun planning the menu for the weekend. We had banana boats (with Easter themed marshmallows) the first night.

They were roasted in the fire (which was started using my homemade fire starters -- egg cartons, dryer lint, and candle wax)

In the morning, berries were prettified in little plastic berry baskets (I have the ceramic version as well, but the plastic worked great for camping).

For dinner, our one Dutch oven meal included brats, potatoes, and onions in a brown sugar based broth.

It was very windy that evening, so we should have refreshed the coals around 45 minutes -- and roasted the brats after cooking.

Although we usually use reusable tableware when we are camping, I made carrot inspired bundles to eat with.

For dessert on night #2 -- S'mores made with bunny Peeps

The next morning was Easter. As far as I could tell, all the kids in the campground had received a visit from the Easter Bunny, despite being far from home.

Our neighbors had to keep their daughter in check, as she had her eye on the eggs in our site, and the late risers had not gotten up yet. One they did, they found Easter baskets -- Angry Birds themed for the big boy (lots of generic Angry Birds themed candy starting with glucose, sucrose, etc., a stuffed red Angry Bird wearing bunny ears, and a small mystery package toy), and the baby received a "Happy Birds" themed large egg

containing the book Are You My Mother?, a little grow kit, a rubber ducky, stuffed chick, and a chocolate covered Peep.

It was a fun trip, and was nice to see this area again through new eyes. It was cool how much I remembered. Like -- I know I've been up this wash before

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April, Jennifer, Carol said...

How fun! Can you believe we have never camped there?
And it is in our backyard. When we finally get there I will think of you :) - jennifer