Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter goodies

A few Easter goodies for the boys' classmates and teachers ~

For Hank's T-K class (24), some sidewalk chalk eggs (6 for $1 at 99 Cents Only) packaged in cello bags with blue Easter grass. Where did the blue Easter grass come from? I can't recall, but if I didn't use it for something like this, it would have sat for another 10+ years in my craft closet. Labels here.

(As an aside, I took a look through my fabric today, and realized how little I sew anymore -- and I don't know when I ever will again, at least the way I used to when I was more focused on blogging -- {sigh})

For Hank's after school center (28), I was smitten with the half clear/half colored eggs in the Target dollar section (6 for $3). The ones at Target have three small toys/treats included. I found these eggs at the 99 Cents Only store (6 for $1), which included the mini bag of jelly beans. I bought stickers and erasers to include in the eggs as well.

For Everett's day care class, I packaged small bags of Annie's Cheddar Bunnies tied with orange baker's twine and put them in these cute chicks (3 for $1 at 99 Cents Only). I used a "Hershey kiss label" printable to keep the two halves together. It amuses me to think folks are concerned with what the bottoms of their Hershey Kisses look like :)

For the teachers, I found a pack of 6 egg cups for $1 at -- you guessed it -- 99 Cents Only. I bought matching nail polish colors to include in each one. I feel kinda bad that Ms. Maria is getting yellow nail polish, but she just may like it. The tags were found here.

We are actually planning on going camping this weekend. In the desert, which is predicted to be quite warm despite only being April. Perhaps a desert hare will bring the boys' Easter baskets to them. Hope he skips the chocolate :)

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