Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I don't think I have ever done so much in relation to a minor holiday! Some elements I had planned to do ahead of time, others the kid introduced, and some just got thrown in along the way.

We started out the month planting clover using a little grow kit from the Target dollar section. I also put up some decorations -- which I don't normally do very often any more except for Christmas. I used this rainbow and this little dude, plus some shamrock lights also from the Target dollar section.

Next came the notes to our little leprechaun friend, or "leprecuando," as he came to be known. Hank's class was on leprechaun watch at school, and he would say some nights that he wanted to leave notes to see if a leprechaun would visit our house. I so wasn't in the mood to do another Elf on the Shelf type thing, but fortunately the requests for Patrick the leprechaun were pretty light. He was asked if he liked quesadillas and LEGOs (yes, Patrick replied).

Patrick brought the kids some Lucky Charms.

and we saw where he walked to get his quesadilla

Hank said he did not want to trap the leprechaun -- just learn more about him. He left one more note the night before St. Patrick's Day, offering a piece of the soda bread I made, and more LEGOs.

Be it elves of leprechauns or the eventual tooth fairy -- it is really hard to remember to do all the prep the night before. Or hide all of the preparations. Hank saw the Lucky Charms ahead of time in my grocery bag, lol. Hank is a born skeptic like his dad, and rarely is full of wonderment as I imagined all kindergarteners to be. I volunteer in his T-K classroom once a month. I have seen the teacher bring out something to share with the class that leads to gasps of amazement and kids standing up to crowd around her and take a peek, and there sits Hank with his head resting on hand looking like he is bored off his rocker. So, on the rare occasion that he is curious about something make believe, I tend to go a bit overboard.

Next, we had gifts. For Hank's class, we put together little tattoo gifts so the recipients would be "pinch proof." I went into the far nether reaches of the internet to find the following printables, and did not save the links, so I apologize for not providing sources. The tattoos were from Target.

For Everett's class, I added a tag to a pouch of squeezable applesauce

Finally, for my co-workers, I added a label and a chipboard shamrock to packages of green tea

There was food as well. For Sunday's dinner, we had Irish bangers and mash, cooked cabbage, and soda bread. The sausages were from Trader Joe's, and were very good. It was funny reading this article as to the origin of the name "banger." The sausages from Trader Joe's did in fact explode out the ends, as I initially had the pan too hot.

Not a bite -- just an air bubble
Soda bread is so easy to make, and produces a lovely, large loaf from just a few ingredients.

For breakfast today, everything was green, including the bagels.

and tonight's dinner ended up being St. Patrick's themed after all, as the menu planning service I now subscribe to had a St. Paddy's day theme of green macaroni and cheese (spinach, peas, and broccoli included) and a spinach based hummus dip.

Ok - enough with St. Paddy's Day! Thankful that there is a sizeable break this year until Easter.

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