Friday, February 14, 2014

School Valentines

We had a hefty number of Valentines to prepare this year

For Hank's T-K class (23) and Everett's class (14). I wanted to use this version of the Bugs & Kisses bag topper, but didn't plan ahead with buying the right bags. The one I used was a printable from etsy. Some of the bugs (purchased 8 in a pack from Dollar Tree) are really gross -- realistically colored cockroaches and flies, for example. Probably should have planned ahead on those as well and bought some cute bugs online. Oh, and there are spiders, which some smarty pants will likely be quick to point out are not bugs.

For Valentine' Day, there was a flip flop between Hank's T-K class and after school class in terms of which one will be having the healthy party. Surprisingly no restrictions given from the public school, but the after school program said no candy, and it will be having a healthy party this go around. We are bringing carrots, and these cute Clone Wars Valentines (27) with glow bracelets inserted in place on the characters' light sabers. Because you won't find this info elsewhere, please note it is very easy to snap the glow sticks as you are inserting them into the slits on the cards.

Gifts were purchased for Hank's T-K teacher

and his two after school teachers

and all the teachers and aides who work with Everett (dollar store score -- name brand, and just big enough to pass as a Valentine's Day gift!)

I have the stuff ready for the boys

I went with a Lego theme in anticipation of going to see the Lego movie. I was stoked to find the movie theater gift card and some surprise mini figs from the movie at Target. Oh, and the printable Valentines are from here. In addition to the Lego set and book, I picked out some primary color items to complete the gift. I wrapped a shoe box in red paper and added card stock dots for a gift box.

Hank helped me with the heart.

I was working on it one day while we were playing with the Duplos (so the baby could play with us as well). I was piecing together the heart, but couldn't figure out the top. There is an official Lego heart, just so you know, but we don't have any of the inverted "roof tile" pieces. Anyway, I put it down and walked off, and Hank came after me -- it seemed just seconds later, and said -- Is this it, mama? Wish that sweet side showed up just a little more often ;)

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Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

Love the Lego box! The movie is really cute--I loved it just as much as my kids did!

PS--I have had the very same thought about those darn glow sticks snapping before the kids even get them home! It's a cool idea but I worried about the practicality of it.