Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy New Year! Oh, wait...

Yeah, pretty late getting out the New Year's greetings. As mentioned, I intentionally did not send Christmas cards with the expectation that I would be sending out New Year's cards instead. There were some delays -- a lot of delays. One, I initially planned an elaborate home photo shoot to get pictures of us using the items that were attached to the cards below. I never got beyond the thinking stage on that one.

Next, I wanted to get some more professional photos done to celebrate Everett's first birthday, as we did when Hank turned one. We used the same photographer we did previously -- Jen Disney. So happy with how they turned out! Don't you love my perfect hair? I would hate to see the originals of these, lol. It was funny because more than half of the shoot, Everett looked like this

and had a snotty nose to show for it (also must have taken some time to Photoshop out of each picture). We figured out, though, if I flipped him upside down, and Jen snapped a pic right away when I brought him back up, he instead looked like this

Anyway, we didn't take the pictures until late January. Then we had to wait for all that wonderful editing. And I ordered a Shutterfly card.

And I had to sit on my butt thinking about making the homemade cards until I actually sat down to do them. Etc.

For the homemade cards, I had bought the noisemakers 6 for $1 at the dollar store a couple of years ago. As mentioned, I initially wanted to have pictures of us on the squares on the front doing something with the items used on the card -- Everett throwing confetti, me blowing up a balloon (I look really funny when I blow up a balloon, btw), and Hank and BT blowing on the noisemakers. Once you took off the item, you would see the picture of us using the item underneath. Cute, right? But, this was definitely a major road block on getting started with these. Did I share with you at the time that this home done photo shoot took three days to do? One day to set up, and then two days to get all of the pictures. Thinking about backdrops and outfits and how many pictures would need to be taken to get a few good ones for the New Year's cards was a project killer from the get go. Plus, I knew I was going to stick the items on the card with sticky dots. What would be the point in having the pictures underneath if they would just get torn? The final determining factor was having the Shutterfly card sent in the same envelope with the homemade card. The recipients were already going to wonder why they were receiving two cards from us -- and there are only so many pictures one needs of another family (says the girl who is guilty of posting hundreds of picture on Facebook, lol).

Once that decision was out of the way, things went much quicker. The squares were made big enough to accommodate the items, and simple numbers were used.

The inside sentiment made reference to the countdown that took place a month and a half ago.

I cut the confetti out of tissue paper with a circle punch. I had to experiment with how many pieces to use that would allow the cutter to grab, but not leave excess on the sides of the circles. I think 4 sheets ended up being the right amount. The confetti was packaged in glassine envelopes held closed with neon dots. The two cards were put together in padded envelopes. This was an e x p e n s i v e card. Luckily I had a coupon to get a significant discount on the Shutterfly cards. I purchased almost all of the supplies for the countdown cards -- the cardstock, card envelopes, tissue paper, balloons, sticky dots, shipping labels, and padded envelopes -- using our Amex rewards gift card that we get every few months (we usually apply the points towards a $250 Walmart gift card), so I look at those elements as being free. Postage was a killer, but hopefully will motivate me to come up with a normal, flat card for this year's Christmas card (back to our regular schedule later this year for sending out holiday cards -- would you believe a great aunt called me out for not sending a Christmas card? sheesh)

Late or not, best wishes in 2014!


April, Jennifer, Carol said...

Love these!!!! Love your creative ideas...

Ashley said...

Very interesting post you have!! lots of great ideas and lovely pics as well. Keep it up !!
BTW, thanks for sharing :)
Happy Holidays !!