Sunday, February 02, 2014

Gift for a little sweet pea

I know many people have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. My affiliation with the social networking site is mainly on the love side. I truly enjoy learning more about people -- especially those I don't see regularly or haven't interacted with in person for some time. A friend calls it "The Facebook Effect" -- when you feel like you know know the latest and greatest about somebody, even though you haven't spoken to them directly for some time. Such is the case with a friend of mine from high school, Ria

I have not spoken to Ria in 20+ years since we graduated from high school, yet I feel like I am pretty up to date on where she is at in life based on her status updates on Facebook and the pictures she posts there. She started posting pictures that showed she was pregnant, without making an official announcement. I was on to her, though, and offered my congratulations. I wanted to send her a little something to welcome her little sweet pea.

I am on mega clean out mode with regards to baby stuff -- both unused items from the gift bin, and used items I want to make sure go to a good home (like the puree book included with this gift). Ria's gift was mainly stuff from the gift bin. I think I mentioned before that I subscribed for some time to Citrus Lane. It was so much fun to get a monthly box of baby items, but so rare that I would say -- Oh, this is something I really need, versus Oh, this seems like it would be a good gift. The food related items (bib, snack containers) and string bean toy were from Citrus Lane. 

I also have been purposefully accumulating other clearance items I thought would go with a "sweet pea" related gift (swaddler, little seed onesie) after purchasing the Little Pea book based on craft blogger recommendations how ever many years ago. I used to be so influenced by what the popular craft bloggers were buying!! It was the best form of advertising -- word of mouth. Or word of written word -- whatever. Today we see paid ads on blogs and worst of all, imho -- corporate sponsors (you know -- the crunchy granola girl who all of the sudden is extolling the attributes of Cool Whip...) 

A few short years ago, however, it was just people sharing the cool things they found at popular stores or online, or promoting a crafty blog friend who illustrated a cute book. It is a really cute book, and Hank was quite sad to see it go after we read through it a couple of times before packaging it up. Perhaps another copy will come his way again some day. I made the round little pea toy to include with the gift.

It makes me exhausted just thinking about having a first baby at our age, but hopefully Ria takes to motherhood more naturally than me, lol.

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sweet little sister said...

Seriously adorable! Love this sweet pea gift :)
I have taken a big step back from Facebook. Just for now though. I really enjoy catching up on friends near & far too. I was spending too much time there. That's me & no finger pointin. I'll come back to it when times right.
Miss you sweet felt mouse <3 kayla