Saturday, February 01, 2014

Cardboard drive-in

Wow -- January really got by me. We had a two week session of back to back illnesses with the kids. During that time, and surprising considering how much we were home, our house was broken into. They didn't get much, but for some reason took my 6 year old no name laptop. Worth about $100 at a pawn shop, yet priceless to me.

You see, the laptop had alll of our pictures on it. Which I was just in the process of that week deciding how to back them up online. So yeah, word to the wise -- back up your sh*t!! External hard drives are good, but in theory you need two to back up each other (the one we used at some point had fried). If you have a house fire, your computer and how ever many hard drives you have ain't going to do you a bit of good. It also seems with time the technology will get away from the external drives, so it will be akin to keeping your VHS memories around - wondering when you will update them to the latest format. I am currently using two different Google services for backup, but there are various cloud-type services out there. There are also plenty of services you can upload pictures to, and fortunately I had just put a few hundred pictures on Shutterfly for the photo albums. I need simple, so a behind the scenes back up system works for me versus needing to remember to go upload pictures. Wish I had set everything up just one week sooner...

So, anyway -- back to January. Not too many projects this month. At Everett's school, they posted a sign at the beginning of the month about having a cardboard car drive-in movie on the 30th. You can find plenty of pictures of these types of events on Pinterest. This was the first time the school has ever even shown a movie, let alone asked all of the parents to do something crafty. The results were amazing! Shown above are the cars for the oldest kids. Some were pretty big and elaborate. It was cool to see people get so into this!

Everett is still technically in the room for walking infants, but he "visits" the Toddler classroom. I wasn't sure if he would be participating in the event, but really wanted to make the car for him. Hank said he wanted to help, but when it came down to it, my crazy crafter side kicked in and this was a solo project. I decided I wanted to make Everett a VW bus. What the inspiration was, I cannot say. Although BT had the perfect box at work, he ended up forgetting it despite reminding him to bring it home {ahem} the night before the event when I was finally ready to make it. I sent him out to Home Depot to find a solution. He ended up needing to tape two boxes together which ended up working out ok, but made the end result HUGE.

I then covered the boxes in wrapping paper. This made the project much easier to do in one night, as I noticed many boxes were painted. I was able to get the main blue and white paper on lickety split. Then came all the details. I used this bus for inspiration -- I'll have to give a shout out to the owner.

I cut out windows from vellum paper. I had to fiddle a bit with with the cut outs for the bumpers and the VW logo, but they ended up just the way I wanted.

The tires were my favorite solution. I black 10 inch plate with an 8 inch plate glued upside down on top of it made the perfect white wall tire. Aluminum foil made good chrome hubcaps, mirrors, and door handles, and a knitting needle was used for an antenna.

I used clear cup bottoms with yellow paper inserted for turn signals. Surprisingly I don't think I say any other tap lights used as headlights. We definitely had a crowd pleaser!

The morning of, Everett wasn't up for getting in the car. Of course. They got a pic of him later in the day. Notice not everyone made cars for the babies, so some are in diaper boxes. Good enough, right? Several families have three kids at the school -- 3 separate cars! My heart goes out to them if they actually made one for each. The school asked us to save the cars for another drive-in later in the year. We don't have any place to store this behemoth, and it got pretty beat up (the downside of the wrapping paper). I'm a glutton for punishment, so I'll just plan to make another one. I'm thinking Speed Buggy :)

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