Sunday, February 16, 2014


Following our tradition to make a family friendly Disney themed Valentine's dinner (see 2012 Lady and the Tramp and 2013 Beauty and the Beast), we chose Peter Pan for this year's dinner and movie.

Not too many specifics out there regarding food items related to Peter Pan -- other than the colorful food fight in Hook. There are plenty of Peter Pan/Neverland/Tinkerbell/Jake and the Pirates themed parties on Pinterest to get ideas from, though, for decor and food inspired by the different books, movies and shows.

I found this lovely dinner and a movie party, and used it as inspiration. Unfortunately I was pretty busy the evenings leading up to Valentine's Day making treats for the boys' classes. In fact, I didn't get started on the Valentine's day dinner and a movie prep until 5:00 on Valentine's Day -- and that included grocery shopping. Fortunately I had bought the tablecloth, plates and napkins at the dollar store the same day earlier at lunch time.

When I got home that day, I cut paper like a mad woman -- just letting paper scraps fall to the floor. Luckily BT had agreed to pick up Hank so they could buy me some flowers on the way home (guess our family prepares for everything last minute). I still had to pick up Everett, though, so I only worked for 45 minutes before heading out to get him. I finished the hats, clouds, the island base, bushes, the Lost Boys' tree (very hastily put together) the skull rock (a wooden egg), and a few of the mountains with hand drawn details at the time.

I didn't get to the characters, though, which really made the whole set up from the original. We ate a pretty standard dinner, but I did set out Whoppers for cannon balls, Captain Hook pirate's booty, and the cute mandarin boats. Oh, and we did watch the movie.*

Yes -- we have a Cowboys and Indians set. What was that about racism?
Yesterday morning I was dedicated to finish the set up. It admittedly took another few hours -- just so you know in case you want to re-create this idea some day yourself. It took some time to find, size, print, and cut the characters out.

It was ready in time for lunch, though, and we got to enjoy a little more time in Never Land before the baby decided to pull the whole set up into his lap.

* I am usually not super critical about Disney movies. There are some terribly racist parts to be sure in some of the older movies, and even in Pocahontas and Aladdin, which were made when folks should have known better. Not condoning that at all, but know the only choices would be to seal those movies all up in the vault permanently like Song of the South, or recognize that the movies were made during a time when attitudes about race were vastly different than they are now. I am ok with the princess-a-thon too, though I hope they are eventually balanced out with a healthy dose of "real life" girls who kick ass. I was reading an article lately that described how Sleeping Beauty (1959) was a total flop, and kept Disney away from fairy tale movies until The Little Mermaid in 1989. Interesting now that princesses have took center stage. Change in interests? Marketing? Who knows. In any case, I found myself unexpectedly getting mad watching Peter Pan when I noticed how every single one of the younger female characters (Wendy, Tinkerbell, the mermaids, Tiger Lily) were set off in a jealous rage against each other, and for what? An immature, cocky little boy. I guess the mermaids were friends, but likely would have turned on each other if it meant winning the Peter Pan prize. I don't know -- I'm sure I am reading way too much into it, and I'm sure one silly movie isn't going to prime girls to think they can't be friends with other young women when they get older and to set their sights on the resident douche bag as their sole purpose in life, but regardless I am likely never going to watch the 1953 version of Peter Pan ever again. I will always have a soft spot for Hook, though (even though no girls at all in that one! Boys get all the cool adventure movies). Maybe we should have gone with that colorful food fight after all.

Grow up!

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