Monday, January 06, 2014

Ornament a day: Day 7

I attempted to make a felt mustache ornament. It was a total fail, and looked more turd-like than mustache-like. So, I turned to etsy, and one of these should be coming my way soon.

Handmade, though not by me -- it counts!

No work on Hank's hat. We had a very full day yesterday exploring L.A. It seemed the first time in weeks that we had a whole day to spend together as a family doing what we wanted. I admittedly have already made hats for the boys -- in the au current fox theme, as you can see

Hank's hat is incredibly small. I think it is the pattern I used, and that the crown needs to be made bigger. That is what I intended to do this past week -- remake Hank's hat with a bigger crown. But, since it is already made, and probably won't get worn anyway, that is the reason I am dragging my feet.

Back to the grind today. This month is going to be a gut wrenching one work wise, so not looking forward to it. At all. I would rather make a thousand fox hats instead...

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mascanlon said...

How is it that the first few weeks of this year at work should be so stressful...I so relate in these times of budget crunches. Hope its not as gut wrenching as you think.