Saturday, January 04, 2014

Ornament a day: Day 6

I am stubborn. I am past the point of caring if I complete my self determined task to make 7 new ornaments this season. Heck -- with the 5 days' worth I did complete plus the Peanuts ornaments, I am technically already at 22 homemade ornaments for 2013. But, I am in a mood, and I really want to get them all done. And the darn hat.

This was a rush job, as noted by the poorly applied glitter. It was inspired by this tutorial. The shadow box frame was from my trip to Portland. Coincidentally we just booked a family trip there for later this month - so excited! Most of the other supplies I also had on hand. I panicked a bit that I couldn't find small bottle brush trees until I tried our local "ghetto" Michaels. There is a block of stores here in Long Beach that have craft supplies on par with the wholesale stores in downtown L.A.

Only those familiar with our raw, urban city would likely have the nerve to enter them, though, as they look rather unwelcoming from the front. The stores keep getting bigger, and the selection keeps increasing, so I am a happy crafter. One store had a large section of bins filled with little Christmas bits and bobs, like bottle brush trees (originally green) and small wreaths. They also had a corncob pipe (for $1!) to complete my snowman kit. Yeah!

My recap today is our New Year's celebration. We were expecting one other family, but they had to stay home due to illness. But, that didn't stop the four us from having a fun time. The boys and I ran around town late afternoon on the 31st picking up decorations and food items. Note to self: Get to the store early for cocktail weenies next year. We had appetizers

and store bought cakes with added bling

Prosecco and sparkling cider

and plenty of sparkle and shine

We found some stickers I thought would be cute to use to make paper plate clocks. They were countdown stickers starting from 10, so we had to be creative to come up with 11 and 12. If the other family had come (you know -- if I had somebody there to impress), I would have made hands for the clocks.

We found this fun door drape at the dollar store. Everett would not go through it! Finally when I was taking this pic, he dramatically came through, lol.

OK. Tomorrow. One more ornament and a hat. Pinky swear.

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mascanlon said...

Ha, I know exactly which block of stores you mean. It is my go to place for odds and ends and ribbons of all colors and kinds. And tulle of every color!!