Monday, December 30, 2013

Ornament a day: Day 5

I got the bug today to work on the ornaments for our friends. They are made with air dry porcelain

Here they are drying, which was a good time to capture a pic in case they crack apart when fully dry. I typically get better as I keep working through a craft project, but in this case each successive heart came out worse and worse.

I will package them in these cute balsa wood boxes I bought a couple of years ago at Michaels assuming they survive the drying process.

Today's Christmas highlight is my "mama made" gift to the boys. You may recall that we practice the "something you want, something you need..." etc. gift giving mantra. Plus -- there is a mama made item, a homemade hat (hopefully made by mama), and a Santa gift. My gift this year wasn't homemade, per se, but it came from the heart. I realized how important tangible photo albums were to me growing up (I was always looking at them and asking questions about what was happening in the pictures), and decided the boys needed some pictures of them besides what is displayed on this photo wall.

The books are from Target, and have a great selection of photo sleeves to use. There are some, for example, with small pockets for journal cards. The books come with scrapbook pages sheets. I remember when I used to think I would scrap my kids' lives. That is just not going to happen. I used exactly one sleeve of the scrapbook page insert to mount Small Object's family tree print. So cute!

The rest of the books need some work. Here is the only page from either book that has photos in all the slots between two facing pages. I did an initial fire bomb of photo uploading to Shutterfly. I will need to go back and more carefully pick out pictures and make sure my edits are saved before uploading (weird cropping if they weren't). I ran out of time and only was able to finish inserting one year's worth of pictures for Hank, so will need to go back and add the rest. And -- I also want to do the journal cards for some pages at least, so yeah -- this is an ongoing project.

Ideally I wanted to create another album with pictures of family members, but didn't get to that this year. The photo albums were long overdue. Hank has no clue what he looked like as a baby, and thought all of his album was filled with pictures of Everett.

Since I had a coupon, I had a photo book printed of our professional photo shoot that we had when Hank turned one. I am booking Everett's session as we speak -- hope they turn out equally as well! Oh, and if you were wondering -- we intentionally did not do Christmas cards this year. This was pre-determined -- not a casualty of poor time management. I wanted to do New Year's cards, and the photo shoot pictures will be used for those.

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April, Jennifer, Carol said...

My kids, especially April and Jennifer, LOVED looking at our photo albums when they were kids. And, of course, all 4 still appreciate photos either on a computer or in an album. I've done 2 digital albums and enjoyed the process and the result...but I still think ahhh when I look at my scrapbooked photos. So I will continue doing both. You had one crazy Dec! Hope to see you soon.