Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ornament a day: Day 4

Today's ornament was really fun -- could definitely see making these as gifts one year. Per this tutorial, you use a battery powered tea light to make a snowman face

I don't know when I acquired the hat from or where, but it was the perfect topper for this ornament.

Speaking of snowmen, I am putting together a snowman kit -- something every southern California resident needs, lol. Even if it is just used one time per year, would be fun to have on hand. I am down to needing a corncob pipe and buttons for the the snowman's front. BT told me my new favorite store Walgreens may have corncob pipes, so will have to check it out the next time I raid one for after Christmas finds (stores are probably at 75% off now, right?)

Continuing my Christmas recap, our friend Eyeball the Elf made a visit again this year. Here were some of the mischievous things the boys woke up to find him doing

Googly eyed fruit
After Hank and Mama attended The Lion King, Eyeball dreams of being in the show
Eyeball is a brony, too!
Eyeball paints a la Jackson Pollock
Eyeball needs a shave
I am still dragging my feet on completing my last two gift items (ornaments for friends and Hank's Christmas hat). With all the Christmas  stuff put away, it is hard to stay motivated!

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