Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ornament a day: Day 3

Today's ornament represents our "keepsake" ornament for 2013 -- something that represents something significant to our family (see 2011 and 2012 keepsake ornaments).

I used this tutorial to make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ornaments reflective of our Halloween costumes this year.

We are lazily putting away all the Christmas decorations this year. Our little tree was super easy to take down, but it's all the little stuff -- collecting books and art projects from around the house, finding a place for after Christmas sale finds, etc., that takes some time.

I intended this year to start accumulating and/or making some of our core holiday decorations. I have boxes full of "stuff," but when it comes down to decorating, most of it either doesn't have a logical place to be displayed or it doesn't fit with our aesthetic. I didn't get around to making anything along these lines this year, but I did buy a few things.

The colors of these ornaments fits with our house decor. May add a few more next year along these lines.

This Nativity scene pretty much made my decade in terms of shopping finds. The colors and design are perfect for our house, and it gave me the excuse I needed to buy this little play house shelf I had been ogling since Target put it out on the shelves. Love love love it! Everett was a little rough with the baby Jesus, so we had to put the whole thing out of his reach most of the month. Luckily for us this was the only mischief he got into related to our holiday decorations (thank goodness for that little tree).

I found this garland after Christmas at Walgreens. I'm not quite sure what to do with it. I don't necessarily want to put it on the tree, and we don't have a fireplace or stairs to decorate. But, I'll figure something out. I am pretty much a Walgreens stalker at this point -- there are several items I have been searching for store to store. I have seen people over the years (in addition to me) ask about that fluffy yarn used to adorn presents -- Walgreens has it! It is called "Festive Yarn," and it is currently $1 a spool currently. Much cheaper than the "real" yarn I bought to decorate these presents several years ago.

One craft I still might do before I put everything away involves our stocking holders. I bought these plain silver holders last year with the intention of adding something to the top. I am going to use this idea to add festive touches to plastic animals, but also paint the animals in the colors I have adopted for our core holiday decorations (orange, aqua, pink, and lime green).

Once again, not entirely sure what tomorrow's ornament will be, so stay tuned!

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