Friday, December 27, 2013

Ornament a day: Day 2

As with yesterday's ornament, today's selection was made with what I had on hand (including the branch from our Christmas tree). It did not quite come out as cute as the one shown in this tutorial.

Regardless, it will be a nice remembrance of our 2013 Christmas tree for years to come.

Following up on the second use for the Styrofoam cone used as part of the doughnut tree, I made an Astro Weenie Christmas Tree!

This concept was created by the self proclaimed Ambassador of Americana, Charles Phoenix. You may recall our tour with Charles a lifetime ago seven years ago. For an Astro Weenie Christmas Tree, you take veggies, cheese, olives, pickles, and cocktail weenies plus anything else you have hanging around that can be skewered on a toothpick and stick it in the tree form. We made the tree for Christmas Eve along with our traditional Christmas nachos. My mom and I assembled it and had fun in the process. Keeping with the 50s/kitchsy theme, I also made a cake using chocolate wafer cookies

The cookies are pretty bland and tasteless on their own. But, you surround them with homemade whipped cream and they become soft like cake and quite delicious. I flavored my whipped cream with peppermint flavor, so the cake tasted like it was made with Thin Mints. Super yum!

Tomorrow's ornament still TBD...

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