Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ornament a day: Day 1

As in previous years, I am going to attempt to make an ornament a day starting today through New Year's Day, which would give me 7 new (types of) ornaments total. The first ones I made were ribbon candy felt ornaments from the Purl Bee site. I did not plan ahead and order felt online, and not sure I would have wanted to since these only use a piece of felt just an inch wide. Instead I used craft felt squares, but since the longest side is only 12 inches, the final ornaments are not as long as the Purl Bee version.

I have some additional ornament ideas in mind, but not all 7. One of them is a no-brainer, as it will be the ornament I am making as a gift for our core friend group. You see -- I am still Christmas crafting over here. I certainly did not plan ahead, and not having the extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas plus a super busy weekend prior to Christmas sure cramped my timeline to get all my intended Christmas preparations done.

So, I have the ornament gifts and Hank's hat left to complete. But I am ok with that, and was glad when I finally came to my senses and threw in the towel that I wasn't going to have everything ready in time for Christmas morning. The weekend before Christmas should have been go time, but please  let me share what we were up to instead.

Friday we had Christmas parties at all three schools. For Everett's party, we sent cheese stars and crackers.

Everybody asked for more pretzel rods, Nobody asked for more snow peas, Just saying...
For Hank's T-K party, I was there to help with the party. The room moms did a super cute job planning a healthy Christmas party. My only contribution here was the pretzel rods for the trees shown above.

I used the cocktail toothpicks so kids would see them and not choke on embedded toothpicks
For Hank's after school center party, we went 180 degrees from a healthy party and made a doughnut tree! I way underestimated how many doughnuts we would need (4 dozen!), and since some were also being eaten as the tree was being assembled, I made a couple of trips to the store during assembly. I asked the teacher to save the cone as it was going to be reused (show you how later this week), and chuckled to myself that less than 10 doughnuts came home on the tree in relation to all the other treats there were at this party.

He is not green from seasickness - our boat had green lights hung in the canopy. 
After picking up the boys and a quick trip to the grocery store, we headed down to the marina to meet our friends to view the Long Beach Naples lights on their boat. It was a lot of fun to see the lights this way, and we enjoyed ourselves.

After that (yes -- we are getting on 9:30 or so by this point), I went solo to Ms. Evie's party. Evie and her hubby recently moved one block over and one block down from us. If they lived any further than that, like 2 blocks over and 2 blocks up, I don't think I would have made it, but a short walk in the brisk night air got me to their cute new abode and those beautiful cupcakes shown above. I brought buckeye balls.

Wedding cake made from dishtowels and utensils
The next day, up and at'em as we headed out to a wedding for one of BT's cousins near USC. I would comment on the politeness of having a wedding so close to Christmas, but the couple was obviously so happy, and it brought family together who don't normally see each other for Christmas, so all those thoughts melted away. Some yummy Hawaiian food helped as well.

From there, we headed back home and made a mad dash to get ready for BT's Christmas party. Now him I could chide for allowing his staff to schedule this event so close to Christmas. Here, a nice view and a good beer brought me around and got me back in the Christmas spirit.

Sunday morning, we raced around packing to go leave for a one night trip to Arizona. We ended up actually leaving Arizona that night, which was beyond crazy. This allowed BT to still go to work on Monday morning. If I wasn't addicted to caffeine before this month, I certainly am now. In the mad dash to pull together the regular stuff we would need for an overnight trip, including all the baby's accessories, and presents for BT's family, I somehow forgot the stockings I had spent time two nights prior filling (plus all the time/$ spent earlier this month buying the stuff to fill them with). They were all there -- all 35 of them loaded and ready to go -- and I left them. It didn't even dawn on me that they were missing until we had been at my SIL's place for 45 minutes or so. I didn't get one iota upset, as the weekend had been so hectic, there was bound to be a slip up. I talked to my SIL, and we agreed on just giving out bags of candy to the kids. I raced over to Walgreens and grabbed candy, pencils, and little paper lunch sacks. Nobody said anything in the moment about Santa bringing such a measly gift. My son later said he was disappointed that Santa hadn't brought him what he asked for, but we had to remind him this was an early visit from Santa, and that Christmas was still coming -- for good little boys, that is. On the positive side, I am 95% ready for stockings next year, and I discovered that our local Food Finders is super close by, and really appreciates donations of Christmas candy and clementine oranges!

That left a tired Jen with just 2 nights to finish everything up. I did get one project finished to the point of being able to give, which I will share with you in the coming days.

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