Thursday, December 19, 2013

It takes a village

As mentioned, my two boys collectively attend 3 schools. Everett is at the day care that Hank had previously attended, and Hank attends public school for Transitional Kindergarten (T-K), and then is picked up by a church-based school were he stays the rest of the day. Between the three schools, there are 7 primary teachers, a good number of aides, and the administrators at the private schools who we wanted to acknowledge this year.

The extra teachers come into play as Everett's school has transitioned to having 2 teachers per classroom where there was only one primary teacher when Hank went there. Everett has already moved up to the second classroom at the school, and is even being transitioned to the toddler room now that he is up and toddling about. There are at least 8 aides that regularly help out between the two classrooms he has been in, and I typically give a small gift to the woman who prepares snacks and meals for all the kids (still haven't come up with anything for her), plus a food gift for the office staff. Hank has one teacher at T-K, and her partner assists in the classroom daily. At the after school center, he has two primary teachers, plus I also wanted to give a food gift to the two teachers he had over the summer, and a food gift for the office staff.

Got all that?

This year, to accommodate the multitude of dual teachers, I tried something different. I bought gift cards to a teacher supply store for each room. I don't know if they will decide on something together or if one person will just go an use the card, but it seemed like a good way to acknowledge each duo. I read that this was akin to buying somebody a vacuum for Christmas (giving a gift card to a place that sells practical, school related things), but in this case the store is super awesome, so I hope at least it is equivalent to buying them a Dyson or something.

In addition, for the teachers and aides at Everett's school, I made little coffee cozies. I have had these disposable cups in my Christmas box since Hank was first born. We went to see Christmas lights with the Bluebird family when Hank was a month old. I was determined to do something to show that I was still able to do my over the top preparations for events, so I brought hot chocolate in these cups, and made paper sleeves with everybody's names on them. It was fun, but little Hank cried so much I ended up taking him out of his car seat while we were driving through a decorated neighborhood to nurse him. Never have done that since, but I was desperate to look, again, like I was in control.

I made the cozies with a variety of fabrics and buttons and clipped a $5 gift cards to Starbucks on the side. 

The teachers I saw this morning seemed excited about them.

For Hank's T-K teacher, I got her a gift card to the same teacher supply store. I also ordered her a notepad from Shutterfly (it has her last name on it as well, but blurred out here). Finally, I included ornaments for both the teacher and her partner which purchased from Kmart's Martha Stewart line from several years ago. 

For Hank's own gift to give this year to multiple people, I made little notebooks for him to draw in (shown above). The books are pretty small, and have 6-8 pages depending how well he knows the recipient. He made one for each of his teachers. I also included a school picture of him on the inside front cover. Hank r e a l l y enjoys drawing right now, like, use half a ream's worth of paper daily enjoys drawing, so this was a no brainer for something he could make to give out.

It will be a relief to get all these gifts distributed!


jennifer niles said...

you are good jen! all my babies teachers got this year for christmas was a verbal thank you and merry christmas. maybe end of the year... and i think i may have to steal your coffee cozy idea. so cute and clever. merry christmas!

Kate said...

Whoa, way too many gifts to get. I am so glad my children just had one teacher per grade. Still had three teachers to get gifts for and that stressed me out. You sound like you have a lot of energy.