Sunday, December 08, 2013

For the Bluebird girls

I have had a hard time coming up with some of my gift ideas this year. Some ideas I've had in mind for months now (not that I've been working on those ideas, mind you -- just had the idea). Even this many days into December, there is still one "multi-gift" (i.e. gift for multiple people) I have not come up with yet.

I didn't have anything specific in mind for the Bluebird girls, which I usually do. I went to my regular haunt for Small Business Saturday. I bought the girls some stamped and embellished dog tag style necklaces (wrapped in the woodgrain wrapping paper in the pictures here). With AMEX's discount, the necklaces were only $5 each. The necklaces didn't help lead me to a theme of any kind, though. Oh -- one more plus of shopping small the Saturday after Thanksgiving was that our local firefighters were out "cash mobbing" stores in our area including the one I was shopping at. A little eye candy to enhance my shopping experience :)

I looked towards my gift box to see if that led to any ideas. I found some mushroom pencil sharpeners I had bought from Target's party supply section, and some colored pencils I had bought previously from Daiso. A trip to Michaels helped me find drawing journals in the perfect colors. I found a few items at the Michaels dollar section (post-it letters, lip gloss, and a picture frame) that seemed to round out the gift's graphic quality, and added a picture of a gnome to add to the woodland theme. I also used some boxes from the container collection (score!) to hold the items, and bags purchased last year at Target.

Stash reducing at Christmas is always a good thing. Now to come up with a gift for the girls' mom...

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