Monday, December 09, 2013

Chalkboard gifts

Last year after Christmas I bought 14 paper mache ornaments on clearance at Michaels to give to the boys' cousins. After realizing the chalkboard ornaments on the Michaels website were a DIY project, I set about painting them. And painting. And painting some more. Not sure if it was the paper material they are made out of sucking up too much paint or if I didn't stir the chalkboard paint enough, but they took quite a few coats to cover.

Praise be to Past Jen for taking care of me in this regard!! Otherwise I don't think I would have completed gifts for the kids this year. As it turns out, we will unexpectedly be doing Christmas with BT's family this coming Saturday. That means all the stockings and presents need to be ready!

Of course they needed chalkboard gift tags, right?
Fortunately all I needed to do this year to prep the ornaments was get them ready to be gifted. The tin pails were purchased last year as well. I found foam inserts for them at the dollar store, and I put wooden skewers in the bottoms of the ornaments to stick into the foam. I added ribbon loops and the names of the kids, but hoping they change their design each year like our chalkboard ornaments. Some chalk was included on top of red paper shred. Even for the largest family here (6 kids!), this gift cost less than $10 each to make.

For BT's siblings, I took the dollar store trays as mentioned here and applied chalkboard contact paper to the centers. I spent some time writing a line or two from various Christmas carols in as fancy of hand drawn fonts that I could muster -- hoping the chalk doesn't rub off too much in transit.

I also found the plate holders at the dollar store, and used a green ribbon to tie one piece of chalk to the frame. I made a little box to hold a second piece of chalk.

It was fortuitous, as the little chalkboard purchased as favors for Everett's recent party came with a small box of chalk, so I used that box as a template for making the boxes mounted to the back of my "silver" frames.

I put together a hostess gift for BT's sister, who will be hosting the 30+ of us this year. The bowl an whisk are admittedly a re-gift. I love them, but just don't have the room to store them year to year. The cute tag was from an Anthro gift I received last year.

Ready for Christmas with extended family. For our immediate family -- not so much.

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