Sunday, December 15, 2013

Book exchange

It is really difficult to keep up this holiday season with the boys' three schools. Some activities were announced with ample notice, but others come up rather unexpectedly.

We received a note late last week, for example, about a holiday get together at Hank's kindergarten class this coming Friday. There will be some crafts and healthy snacks and a book exchange consisting of gently used books. The books, it seems, will be kept at the classroom. So, the fun part for the kids will be opening the wrapped books. The flyer asked that we wrap the books creatively.

This book was from a friend a couple of years ago. We already had this book, Harry by the Sea, so I held onto this copy. BTW, here is the cute crocheted Harry covered in seaweed that accompanied the book when Hank received it.

Cute, huh?

I added colored cardstock to the front of the wrapped book as well as a cut out Harry made following this tutorial. I added green ribbon to serve as the seaweed. I'll be at the classroom for the party, so will be fun to see how the other books are wrapped.

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April, Jennifer, Carol said...

So cute!!! Love the wrapping!