Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One more ninja theme

So we did Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and then Ninjago -- but my favorite take on a ninja theme was to follow the popular Fruit Ninja game.


I squealed aloud when I found these plates and cups at Daiso. 

The Ninjago party was already in full swing when I found them, but I let Hank know we would do a Fruit Ninja theme on his actual birthday.

This was an easy party to pull together, and I set everything up after Hank went to bed the night before his birthday. Decorations included Oh Happy Day's balloon fruit garland. The banana is my favorite.

I also bought fruit, of course. It may seem like a lot, but, other than the coconut, this is a typical amount of fruit we buy to get us through most of the week.

At the end of the table were a few Japanese treats. Still not sure what is in the red bag, but the cat is cute.

Finally, the sword used for slashing fruit was lifted from our TMNT costumes -- see how that all came full circle?

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