Friday, November 01, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hope you had a fun evening with your little ghosts and goblins!

No group shot of the four turtles (Dada got stuck in traffic, and joined us mid-way through trick-or-treating playing the role of William Foster instead of Donatello). Here are Mikey and Leo ready to go get some candy!

Earlier that day, I attended the Halloween parade at Everett's school. The kids in his class were very apprehensive about the change in routine that pushed snack time a half hour later than usual. The nerve! He and I both wore shells made from large frisbees found at Dollar Tree.

For his class, we brought Goldfish and little boxes of stickers. For Hank's after school class, we brought bags with pretzels, a spider ring, and a popper toy (Walmart)

Like the bags? It was cute bag central this year, as the Japanese dollar store (the store closest to us is now officially a Daiso store, so I will call it by name for now on) had an explosion of cute bags this year. It was an exercise in restraint to not but one of each design. Here are a couple more.

Halloween morning, the great pumpkin left a carved pumpkin with a face of Hank's design, and bags filled with treats.

I especially liked the chocolate skeleton in the coffin box (Fresh & Easy), and the pooping vampire (Cost Plus).

Hank has been into jokes lately, so the fake vomit was put to good use right away.

Everett gave a big smile in appreciation of his gifts.

Dada expressed some disappointment that the Great Pumpkin hadn't left anything for him, so I put together a little gift for him during lunch time.

A great Halloween, but what to do with all this candy??


Jenn Walker said...

What to do with all the candy? Make cookies :)

jennifer niles said...

i have never heard of a japanese dollar store. i think i may have to see if there is a daiso in san diego. super cute bags!