Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hank's 5th birthday - Ninjago

So last year remember when Hank turned 4, I said that we would have our yard done by the time he turned 5? Well -- another year sailed by with no changes whatsoever on that front. So another away from home party location was identified to celebrate his 5th birthday.

Another goal unrealized -- I had intended to limit his guest list this year as well to just 5 school friends. However, the location we selected -- a martial arts school -- offered a deal that included up to 20 kids. We therefore were able to invite our core friend group's kids, a friend from Hank's old school, and an ever-growing list of friends from the school he attends after T-K (e.g. Mama, we have to invite Nicolette. She's new, and she's a girl.) The location was awesome -- I heard from several parents how impressed they were with the instructors in terms of how professional they were, and they are really big on promoting self respect and self esteem. We're definitely going to look into classes for Hank.

As for themes, there are so many sub-themes related to martial arts -- general ninja, Kung Fu Panda, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fruit Ninja, and, something you may know about if you have young boys in the house -- Ninjago. This is a newer series from Lego, and follows the training of 4 "Masters of Spinjitsu" by a Master Wu. Hank is pretty enamored with the cartoon series, so choosing the theme was a no-brainer (though you may see something related to Fruit Ninja in the near future).

While the kids did an obstacle course and had a karate lesson downstairs, we set up a rec room upstairs for the party. Keeping with an overall Lego theme, there was plenty of Lego yellow used, such as the tablecloths. The 4 main Ninjago ninja characters dress in red, blue, black, and white. On the tables set for the kids, each place setting had a plate and cup with Ninjago eye stickers added, a set of cutlery with a Lego band (found here), a bottle of water, and a favor box.

I spent a lot of time cutting out ninja eyes the weeks prior to the party. Like next stop crazy town amount of time spent cutting out ninja eyes. You could find them on balloons,

lollipops (box previously used for this party and this one),

and items within the favor boxes.

The favor boxes included a toy ninja (not Lego), a Lego minifig crayon attached to a coloring page, a Twix bar labelled as "Nunchucks," a bottle of bubbles which could be used for practicing punches and chops, and a balloon that could be used for practicing kicks (one of the bad guys from the series was included to stick onto the balloon).

As for food, I kept things simple, as the party was kind of an in between time of 3-5. We had chips, fruit skewers, a snake themed veggie tray (didn't get a picture of mine, but looked like the one from this awesome Ninjago party), edamame, potstickers, and eggrolls. For dessert, the grocery store bakery was very helpful in helping me pick out a cake, as I just couldn't think of any more details. Hank got to cut the cake with a Samurai sword, which was pretty cool.

I also finally got to make Rice Krispie sushi!

This was a pre-Pinterest saved idea, and I had long wanted to make these for a party. The star of the dessert table, though, were the cupcakes topped with creations from this etsy seller.

They were a little on the pricey side, but 5 is kind of an important birthday, right?

Next year, next year -- please let us have a yard.


jennifer niles said...

isn't it amazing how long it takes to get home improvement jobs done? it took oh, i don't know about 8 years of me saying by this time next year it will be done before our living room walls and ceiling were done. now we just need to tackle the kitchen floor.... i am not holding my breath. :)

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

I have always wanted to make rice krispie sushi! Looks like yours turned out really cute. I felt like I cut out a million Minion goggles for Porter's party so I can sympathize with your scads of Ninja eyes--but they really do make everything look neat and I bet the kids totally loved them!