Monday, November 25, 2013

Everett's 1st Birthday

We had a fun day celebrating Everett's first birthday. Hard to believe it has been a year already!
Everett spent more time walking than crawling on his birthday :)
We first went to a big local regional park, intending to ride the train. Turns out the train is closed November through February. But, we played at the playground for a bit, and then popped some bubbles. Simple pleasures.

At home, I had set up a small party to the theme of an old book we have called Mr. Wishing Went Fishing. It is a sweet story about a man who has a pet fish, and tries unsuccessfully to pair it with other ocean creatures. One day out fishing, his boat capsizes. When he gets back on land he finds sand, a plant, and a little fish hidden in his clothing to put in the bowl with his original pet.

Some elements from the book include the makeshift fish bowl (considered getting a live fish, but still not ready to give up the freedom that I have enjoyed the past year sans pets)

the blue and white checked tablecloth

and cornbread, which paired well with homemade chili.

Other ocean/fishing themed elements were scoured from the internets courtesy of Pinterest.

Napkins tied with twine and adorned with a lifesaver and painted cups

Paper boats (printable designs purchased here) filled with Corn Nuts and nuts. Most of us hadn't had Corn Nuts since middle school :)

Bell pepper octopus

Ribbon pennant banner (cannot recall source) and fishing bobber pompom garland like I made for jek

Cupcakes with paper sails

The sailboat was purchased here. It is an unexpected baby box addition for Everett, as it is super well made and came packaged really cute.

There was only one other kid other than Hank and Everett at the party. I figured I would find something to use as favors at the dollar store. I found cute ocean themed chalkboards and Swedish Fish there. For Everett, I just got a bouncy ball.

The best inspiration for the party, though, came from this one. I loved the photo booth, so much so that I set up a nearly identical photo opportunity. If you've never had a photo booth at a party you've hosted, I highly recommend it, as the ones we have done have all proven party hits.

First Mate Everett
Commander Finn and Fleet Admiral Hank
One final craft for the birthday boy was a 1st birthday crown (like his brother's) made from Soulemama's first book. The blue and red ribbon determined the theme. I don't know if I posted a pic of the ribbon when I found it at an estate sale. It is a giant roll -- one of the many things I need to sit down and post of etsy. Not to make money -- just to share, because its awesomeness is wasted sitting in my craft closet. Minus 14 inches or so.

This was a super fun party to put together! I can't bring myself to take down the photo booth, and the little fish is sitting on the shelf above the kitchen sink. Happy Birthday to our little man!

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