Thursday, November 21, 2013

Baking themed work celebration

As part of an ongoing effort to show appreciation for staff at work, we have implemented a monthly birthday celebration for those who have birthdays that month. The celebration is incorporated into our monthly section meeting, and involves a few decorations to set the theme and a dessert item.

By "we" I mean I directed our fun planning committee the Sunshine Club to come up with a way to formalize our celebration method to acknowledge birthdays, and then proceeded to nudge them in the direction I wanted them to go. My management style is definitely passive, but that doesn't mean I get walked all over.

For our November celebration, we were celebrating the women who typically orchestrate most of the office events. I suggested they leave the planning session scheduled to discuss November birthdays, which they did. That left me with the guys who take part in the Sunshine Club, and planning an event with them was not without amusement. We had a rousing discussion, for example, about whether or not we should sing Happy Birthday, and if we did, if we should sing it multiple times -- to each celebrant. I pointed out that in an effort to be fair an make them feel unique and special, we would still need to choose one to sing to first, possibly hurting the other one's feelings. The discussion kept going until I eventually grew tired of it and put the kabosh on the whole idea, which shows I have a bit of a passive aggressive side at work as well (shows up really infrequently there. In my personal life -- much more often).

The guys had no ideas about themes, so I suggested baking, as both women have brought homemade baked goods into the office. It would be easy for me to pull together items from home to fit the theme without the other female staff to help with the decor. They had already been asked about cake preferences, and fruit tart was on the list. I said I would make that for the celebration. The guys offered to help with set up and buying drinks. I suggested something nice like a carbonated lemonade in a pretty bottle. We ended up with Squirt and a ginormous container of rainbow sherbet ice cream. We also received a lot of fresh fruit, despite the tart being comprised of the same. I expressed my appreciation, but these items were put to the far side of the party set up.

Come December, we will be back to our regular membership of the Sunshine Club, and I will gratefully re-take my roll as backseat driver.

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Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

I guess it's just a fundamental difference between most men and women that the men would never fathom WHY you would need to go to the trouble to get pretty lemonade in a fancy bottle, when a 2-liter of Squirt will serve exactly the same function? My husband, while not a total Philistine, would have done the same thing, bless him. And it would have driven me nuts.