Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trunk or Treat

We entered a car in Hank's elementary school Trunk or Treat event this year. I need to cool my jets a bit in terms of participation with the school stuff. It's all so much fun, but I am coming to terms with how important it is to Hank just to spend time with us, playing and the like -- and that all these elaborate activities are really just for me.

But anyway -- I had signed us up for the event, and we needed to follow through on our commitment. Our costumes this year are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We are each one of the turtles - Raphael (me), Donatello (BT), Michelangelo (Hank), and Leonardo (Everett). Will try to get a shot of all of us together in our costumes on Thursday.

Michelangelo waiting for the festivities to start.
Leonardo's pants are hanging over te back of his chair.
To fit with our costume theme, we designed a TMNT theme for our truck as part of the Trunk or treat. We put an Easy Up around the end of the bed of the truck and wrapped it with a vinyl faux brick background so it looked like a building. I added yellow squares for windows, a printout that looked as though the turtles were busting out of a brick wall, and a grey door. I drew silhouette versions of Shredder and Splinter in two of the windows. Two pizza pans were outfitted with stickers to serve as manhole covers. A few rats were thrown around for good measure.

We had some great red battery powered lights to use on the "building" and wrapped around the chairs to add visual interest. We passed out our candy using pizza boxes, since pizza is the turtles' favorite food.

I think we were in the high middle in terms of entries. Somebody did that cute Candyland theme where you wrap balloons in cellophane to look like lollipops. One car had a "Miss Spider's Tea" theme, that was super cute, and there were several cars decked out with gory details that hooked in the kids. One aspect that detracted from people figuring out our theme was our hodgepodge costumes. Hank has a store bought costume (his first one - {sniff}), but once he takes the mask off, the rest is pretty nondescript. BT wore one of those costume t-shirts with the chest of a turtle on it. Everett's costume was similar using a pair of pjs, but I only managed to get the top on him that night and he wouldn't wear the super cute hat I made for him. My costume used a green shirt as a base, and I added the chest detail using fabric. I wore green knee socks, and made a turtle shell using a frisbee and ribbon (also will get a pic on Halloween)

I kinda knew we may not stand out as being turtles because our costumes had varying levels of put-togetheredness, so I made fleece bands in each of our turtle's signature color to wear -- an eye mask, wrist cuffs, and bands to tie on our upper arms and legs. Even then, if one were to push up their mask to serve as a headband, for example, or somebody didn't want to wear their bands at all, as another example, we still didn't look particularly turtle-y. And then our building was interpretive -- we weren't recreating a specific spot based on the TMNT franchise. Of course we overheard comments along those lines from the overly honest mouths of babes (that's not in the show). There were also people who though the wrapped easy up was a Minecraft brick. That would have been a good theme, too...

In any case, it was a lot of fun, but not sure if I will be able to convince BT to do it again next year. Too bad, as I have some great ideas already.


Favorite of the day: DIY donuts

Working on: Back to prepping for Hank's birthday.

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